Investor Relations

01Investor Relations

Company Chrissworld Limited
Number of Ordinary Voting Shares to be issued Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand (7,500,000)
Share Issue price LKR 7.50 per share
Amount to be Raised Maximum of Sri Lankan Rupees Fifty Six Million Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand (LKR 56,250,000)
Minimum Subscription Minimum of 100 Ordinary Voting Shares at the Issue Price of LKR 7.50 per share amounting to LKR 750.00 per application
Applications in excess of the minimum subscription should be in multiples of 100 shares
Issue Opening Date 27th April 2021
Issue Closing Date 17th May 2021
Earliest Issue Closing Date 27th April 2021
CSE Listing To be listed on the Empower Board of the CSE, subject to compliance with the CSE Listing Rules and SEC Directives (as applicable)

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Chrissworld Prospectus I


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